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Aug 29, 2016

In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Mims Driscoll. Mims is a trauma informed yoga specialist and has been practicing in the field of spiritual direction for the last twenty years. She’s the CEO and founder of Living Mangaliso.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Who is Mims Driscoll?
  • What is exactly Living Mangaliso?
  • What are the pillars of Mangaliso and how do they interact with each other?
  • How do these principles apply to the corporate world?
  • Are there specific movements in Living Mangaliso’s yoga that helps with trauma?
  • Do you customize the program for certain people based on their needs?

Key Lessons Learned:


  • Zulu for “You are an an amazement”.
  • Focuses on yoga and yoga healing and helping people work through physical trauma.
  • The three components of yoga are to focus on our bodies, breath, and awareness.
  • Be able to embrace silence, we are almost always surrounded by noise.
  • Mangaliso is about empowering the people involved.
  • You have to evaluate your limiting beliefs and deal with why you don’t feel amazing.
  • There are five components: Recovery, Discovery, Exploration, Expression, and Expansion.
  • We need to learn to trust ourselves, our voice, our expression.


  • Mangaliso and yoga encourages movement and proper posture.
  • Better posture leads to better productivity and an empowered state.
  • Pause during the work day and take a moment to adjust your posture, breath, and place your feet on the floor.
  • Find a place once a day to yell and deeply express yourself.
  • However many times a day you are comfortable with, pause and breath. Three deep breathes.
  • Stopping mid day allows you to reset and recover and that will increase your ability to execute afterwards.
  • Give yourself permission to take time and focus on you and resting and recovering.


  • Traditional yoga thought is to exhaust the person in order to seek stillness in the final pose.
  • Living Mangaliso yoga focuses on a restorative method and slow movements combined with breath work.
  • It’s about giving permission to people to slow down.
  • Focus on health and wellbeing is important, it will make you a better employee or CEO.

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Aug 22, 2016

In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Frank Klesitz. Frank is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, marketer, and CEO of Vyral Marketing. Frank started his own marketing firm in order to build up and acquire leads for his fitness training business.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Who is Frank Klesitz?
  • What kinds of things should you do to simplify lead generation?
  • Why do you focus on education?
  • What are some of the problems your clients often have?
  • How does a marketing plan help with client retention?
  • What happens when a client contracts with you?


Key Lessons Learned:


  • Frank found himself wasting a lot of money marketing to strangers to build his fitness training business.
  • Instead of constantly marketing to a cold audience, Frank began building a database and then building relationships.
  • Lead generation is the most important thing you can do.
  • Be the trusted resource.
  • Educate your audience and then add a call to action to turn them into customers.
  • Get your service and knowledge into some form of media and get it out to your database.
  • Filter your list and follow up with the people who click on your links.
  • Focus on whatever media type works best for you.
  • Marketing is more than just offers, you have to bring value via education first.
  • Educating your audience gets people to trust you.
  • It’s easier to book clients with a seminar where they learn something than where they expect to be sold to.
  • There’s no such thing as over communicating, communicating builds good relationships which helps with client retention.
  • You want to be the preeminent advisor in your space.

Lead Generation

  • Seeds - basically your referrals, they take a while to grow and flourish.
  • Nets - videos and media you put out to a wide audience.
  • Spears - going after a specific target that could use your services.
  • Having a mix is good but Frank likes to focus on Spears.
  • Build a list of highly qualified people that have given you permission to stay in touch with them.

Building a Plan

  • Your database of contacts needs to be consolidated. Create a spreadsheet of all your contacts and upload them to an email responder.
  • Grow your list, ask for permission to stay in touch after every conversation. Get the email address.
  • Schedule time to record to simple educational videos, post them online, and the pull the data of the people who watched the video.
  • Contact the people and ask if they are interested in knowing more or using your services.

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Aug 15, 2016

In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Lewis Landerholm. Lewis began his law career as a part-time clerk for an attorney during law school, when he confirmed his passion for family law. Motivated to make his mark on the world, Lewis founded his practice right out of law school and continues to seek new, dynamic ways to foster positive change in the lives of his clients. He has eight years of upper management experience giving him business management skills that are integral to the continued success of his firm. Lewis holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a minor in business from University of Oregon. He received his juris doctor degree from Willamette University.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Who is Lewis Landerholm?
  • Do you get any training about how to run a law firm while in school?
  • Why did you start your own firm?
  • Did you have difficulty managing the growth of your firm?
  • How do you plan for your firm’s future?
  • Do you have specific metrics that you measure?
  • How do you stay on top of payments?
  • Why did you develop a second law firm?


Key Lessons Learned:

Running a Law Firm

  • Law school often leaves out the business side of running a law firm.
  • Due to necessity, Lewis had to open his own firm rather than pursue a position elsewhere.
  • He began with bankruptcy and family law and focused on family and matrimonial law because of client demand.
  • Understanding exactly why you chose law is the best way to figure out which field to focus on.
  • Having push incentives in addition to pull incentives is a good recipe for success.
  • Hire someone specifically to work with clients so they understand the costs involved and the payment schedule. They should keep in communication with the clients often.
  • Cash flow is always a challenge, you have to make sure invoicing is on time and be aware of upcoming expenses and income.
  • Affordable Family Law is the do it yourself option for people who want legal advice but may not want to hire a full time lawyer. It came out of a realization that a lot of the side effects of your primary work can be turned into something valuable.


  • Lewis focused on online marketing instead of traditional marketing early on.
  • Online leads tend to be cheaper when compared to traditional marketing.
  • Video is a good medium to build trust and for convincing prospects to move through your funnel.
  • If a client asks a question, that’s an opportunity to create a video.
  • The ability to communicate via technology has majorly impacted the design of workspaces including the acoustic and lighting aspects considered.
  • Testing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is important.
  • Understanding the avatar of the clients you want to work with is how you figure out where to market.

Growing the Firm

  • Certain revenue thresholds and tracking which tasks you can do yourself is how you figure out when to hire.
  • Block out your time on your schedule and focus on the high value activities that only you can do.
  • Working with a coach can be useful for deciding what projects to focus on and which path to pursue.
  • You can get the biggest growth in your firm by working with someone who has been where you want to be.
  • Lewis works with a business coach as well as a financial coach.


  • Tracking your marketing and sales metrics is vital to success.
  • Lewis tracks revenue numbers, the number of active clients and cases, as well as conversion numbers.
  • InfusionSoft for internet marketing, QuickBooks and Cleo for the case management.
  • If you aren’t measuring your metrics you might as well not spend your money.
  • Test your options before committing.

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Give Lewis a call: 503-227-0200